Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners

One of the most common fishes that anglers fish for is bass. It may be their availability, the ease of difficulty of catching them, or something else- but it is always fun to catch a bass. Well, they are quite delicious to eat as well. Fishing for Bass is the best way to get started with fishing and our Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners guide is perfect to get you going.

After hours of monitoring their behavior and feeding habit, we prepared some of the most important bass fishing tips that every angler should know.

However, they are not easy to catch if you do not know exactly how to catch them. Apparently, there are a lot of things you have to consider, change, apply, etc to catch bass the right way. Or else, your fishing session will go to waste leaving you sad rather than refreshed.

This is why follow these simple bass fishing tips to land the best bass out there while also enjoying your time.

9 Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners

Catch Them All

Locate Them

Bass Fishing Pond
Bass Fishing Pond

First Tips on Bass Fishing is Basses like to change their locations as they are quite an active species. However, it is usually the same set of locations that they escape to. And, if you do not know where they run off to then it will always be difficult for you to find them.

Apparently, it is mostly the covers that basses hide themselves in. Now, where do you find cover in the water? A lot of places! It could be under a rock, a tree, some grass, etc. These are usually the places where basses hide to monitor their prey and attack them.

The theory behind it is quite simple! It’s hide and seek, the fish style.

Keep track of the seasons

Bass Fishing in River
Bass Fishing in River

Basses do not always stay in the same place all year round. Sometimes they are out in the open, and most often they are hiding under covers. For example, during the seasons when the sun is out and bright, basses tend to hide under the covers because they do not really like the heat.

Again, when it is stormy, these basses love to get more active. They are more available in the open waters when it is cloudy up there. Again, during spring they go to their breeding grounds which is again, in the covers.

So, if with the knowledge that basses like to stay undercover you go fishing for them- you won’t see any luck. You also have to find out where they stay and when. The seasons really matter.

Choose The Right Bait

Bass Fishing tips - Best Bait for Bass
Choosing right bait for Bass

Luckily, basses are quite feisty and they like to eat a lot of things. However, they like different things in different weather as well. For example, when it is sunny and they are staying undercover, they like the bottom bouncing baits like Texas Rigged soft plastic, jig, etc. On the other hand, when they are feeding on shads, you have to use baits like spinnerbaits or others. But, jigs work most of the time.

So, experiment with the baits. Basses are versatile and can be lured in using many different baits.

Use Red

Red Bass Fishing Bait
Red Bass Fishing Bait

Well, this is an interesting one. Apparently, basses like to attack those prey that they think are injured. So much for glory! They just like to have their food easy, without putting up much fight.

So, when they see red, they think the food is injured, so they go for it. And, well, you get your injured prey this time. Fish psychology is interesting, isn’t it?

Use Sharp Hooks

Bass Fishing Hooks
Sharp Hooks

We often overlook the importance of a sharp hook, don’t we? Apparently, it may not be so important in cases of other fishes but it is with basses. The reason is basses have quite a bony mouth.

In order to catch them, you have to get the hook through their bony mouths. Thus, always keep the hook sharp to get the best results.

We advise you to be very careful while setting up or casting such a sharp hook. Apparently injury by hooks is one of the most common fishing injuries.

Attack Them

Bass fishing Lure
Fishing Lure for Bass

While basses love to attack injured prey, they like to fight as well. This is why you have to let your bait’s presence known. Throw the bait with a half swing- as this will make the bait bounce.

This is how the bass will know that their bait is there and active. And, they will also start fighting back or going after the prey when you get the bait closer to them. They are just so active that they do not want to let any chance of hunting their food go. So, be persistent cause it will help in this case.

Go Against The Wind

Fishing Against Wind
Fishing Against Wind

While this may be a hard thing to do but it is the right thing to do when you are fishing for bass. Apparently, basses are adventurous and really hyper fishes. They like to move with the current when there is current.

So, go against the wind and fight against the current, a bass will swim right into your trap even before you expect it to.

Check Out The Livewell Water

Bass Fishing Tips - Large Mouth Bass
Bass Fishing

Apparently, basses often spit up whatever they were chewing on. So, you can find out what to use as bait by testing with a bass itself. See what they spit up when they are let free in the water. This will give you an idea about what you can use as bait for all the other basses that are out there.

Another thing to consider is that Basses have different feeding habit in different seasons.

Fish Before The Storm  

Bass Fishing Lake
Bass Fishing Before Storm

If you do this, basses will be storming your way. Apparently, basses get very active in cloudy weather with the wind acting weird as well. And, this discomfort is a good place to start for you.

They will be out of their minds, looking for shelter or staying under the cloud. You go ahead and use your opportunity here.

Some of these bass fishing tips may seem wired to you but these are the techniques followed by many expert anglers for hundreds of years. So we suggest you to follow these tips and techniques and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed!

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Video: How To Catch More Bass

This video is about how to catch more bass. In this Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners article this should help you to get a visual understanding of the tips. Thanks to YouTuber KickinTheirBASSTV for making such informative video.

Video By KickinTheirBASSTV

Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners: Conclusion

Bass Fishing Tips - conclusion
Striped Bass

At the end of our Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners Guide, we just want you to enjoy fishing. It’s true that catching and landing is a big part of fishing but the waiting, casting, reeling, and all that is a part of it too. So don’t get disappointed if you miss a bite try again and again until you land a monster bass.

You see fishing is not about just casting your line and waiting till a fish comes your way. In fact, you have to make the fish come your way with your knowledge, tactics, and the right bait. Basses seem like an easy species to catch but see? In order to really catch a bunch and not depend on luck for it- you have to do your homework well.

There are the seasons, locations, maps of the place, bait, etc to consider. And, if anyone goes wrong, everything can go wrong.

Keep these bass fishing tips in your mind next time you go fishing.

Also if you have some experience of your own please share in the comment section.
Happy fishing.

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